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XIAOMI MIJIA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C Home Car


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MIJIA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C Main Features

* High Suction Effective Dust Removal
10W rpm high-speed brushless motor, suction power up to 120AW, with 20KPa strong suction, suitable for all kinds of ground.
* Drive System Air Cooling Technology
Dissipates the working heat of the core components to ensure long-lasting stable suction.
* Multi-cone Filtration
Keep the air duct not blocking, the suction for longer lasting
* 5-fold Filtration System
Accurately intercept particles as small as 0.3μum, high purification efficiency and avoid secondary pollution.
* 60min Long Battery Life
Suitable for large-sized houses.
* Large Diameter Suction Brush
Deep and effective absorption of dirt, dust mites on beddings, sofas, fabric seats.
* Free Combination to Clean Every Corner
Detailed parameters

Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 1C
Suction and endurance all strong
120AW suction power
60min long battery life
Wall-mounted charging rack
Multicone cyclone filtration
Large suction, long battery life
10W rotary brushless motor
20KPa vacuum
120AW suction power
60min long battery life
99.97% filtration efficiency
99% remove mites rate
High performance motor wins at the starting line
120AW large suction lightning dust removal
Air cooling technology of driving system
No loss of suction, more stable cleaning performance
The special design of air guide channel guides the strong wind pressure to the power unit in an instant,
disperses the working heat of the core components,
and keeps the constant power and suction lasting and stable.
Multi-cone cyclone separation system
Make the big suction last longer
Efficient separation
Not easy to block the filter
Long lasting suction
5-fold fine filtration system
The whole machine adopts 5-fold fine filtration system,
which can accurately intercept particles as small as 0.3UM, and the purification efficiency is up to 99.97%,
avoiding secondary pollution.
H12 grade HEPA filtration
60min long battery life
The Mijia 1C vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful power system that can provide 60 minutes of running time and easily handle large room.
Large diameter smooth suction brush, protect the floor, strong suction of dirt
Built-in independent motor drives the ultra-fibre brush to run at high speed, while protecting the floor,
it can easily remove the floor dirt, and significantly improve the cleaning efficiency.
Electric Mites Cleaner Head
The mites cleaner head built-in independent motor to remove the deap skin and invisible mites from sheets,
The cleaning effect is as high as 99%, which is effective in preventing mites allergies.
Equipped with a variety of brushes to meet different cleaning needs
Two-in-one flat suction(Can clean the furniture in depth inner and outer edges Dust and large debris)
Two-in-one brush(Helps with fine parts Cleaning decontamination and removal dust on fragile surface)
4 in 1 multi-functional parts
Built-in wall-mounted charging rack
Integrated design, convenient and practical
Charging and absorbing two in one, reasonable and effective use of space,
full of primary electricity only needs 3.5 hours
Multi-brush head absorption, more space-saving
Rotary design, more convenient
Torque shortening, easy to operate with one hand
The main engine places the motor and battery behind the handle, and the torque is shortened.
Even if it is raised, it can easily keep the gravity balance and make the height clean and comfortable.
One key dusts
No contact with dirt
Portable disassembly
Free switching of clip design
Filter element washable
Reuse and Less Loss


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