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RETEVIS Ailunce HD1 DMR Radio Digital Walkie Talkie Ham Radio


GPS HD1 and AccesGPS HD1 and CableHD1 and AccesHD1 and Cable
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1: Ailunce is the sub-brand of Retevis,Ailunce HD1 is specially designed for hams.

2:​ Ailunce HD1 has two versions,without GPS version and with GPS version.When you make order,pls notice it.

​3. Ailunce HD1 encryption is only compatible and available among Ailunce HD1 walkie talkies and other Ailunce DMR radio stations.

Why Choose Retevis Official Store ??

1: Brand guarantee, 100% authentic
2: Choosing bundle package will save about 36 USD.

Dual Band Dual Mode Transceiver

1: Ailunce HD1 use Time-Division Multiple-Access(TDMA) digital technology,compatible with Motorola DMR radio and othe DMR digital walkie talkie.

2: Frequency range is 136-174MHz and 400-480MHz.Whether in digital or analog mode, you can edit your frequency in this range.

Front Panel Programming Transceiver (FPP)

HD1 has true VFO mode. It allows you to do almost all settings without PC. Edit frequency, CC, Ts, Contacts, Rx Group List, Offset, Save Channel, Delete Channel etc. Dual Band DMR Radio, Analog, and Digital Combined. Compatible with Motorola Tier Ⅰ&Ⅱ.

Long Range Two Way Radio

There are three power levels choice “High or Medium or Low Power:10w/5w/1w” according to your different requirements

REAL IP67 Waterproof Dustproof

“6” means protected from dust with the highest level, and “7” means protected against the effects of immersion in water to depth between 15 cm and 1 meter. It will allow you to use the radio in the outside. No worry about the rainy days

Dual Display Dual Standby

Equipped with liquid crystal display, dual display, can clearly read the current working state. Dual standby functions can be used to receive signals from two different channels.

FM Radio Broadcast

①: You can save channels you like. When we are free and there is no call, we can open FM to listen.

②: Ailunce will give you more choices. Whether the call from other radios was received when you listen FM, It’s up to you.

Ultra-long Standby Time

3200mAh Li-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery for over 20 hours daily usage and last 250 hours standby time.

Ease Use of Data Applications

  • The end-to-end digital nature of DMR means that applications such as text messaging,GPS,can be easily added onto radio devices and systems.

Dual Time Slot DMR

①: HD1 not only support dual time slot for repeater,but also support dual time slot for point to point.

②: Dual capacity direct mode (DCDM) means there can be two group calls in the same frequency with different time slot.

Single Call/Group Call/All Call

In digital mode, you can call a particular person or group after setting up the contacts and receiving group.It makes the call more efficient and convenient.

Promiscuous Feature

It is great, especially when Ailunce HD1 FPP transceiver has different contacts and group lists. Turn on the Promiscuous, It will let your radio ignore the contacts limit.

Side Key Customization

Under the PTT button there are 2 side keys on HD1. You can customize them as hot keys based on your needs by programming software or radio keypad—High/Mis/Low power Switch,Scan,FM radio,VOX,Repeater/Talkaround,1750Hz etc (Up to 19 options). Once set, those features can be easily achieved when you long press or short press the side keys.

Lifelong Technical Support

We not only provide authentic products, but also professional after-sales service. Official software, latest firmware, contact list, if you need, please feel free to contact us.

Pictures Show

Click here to read review forum of HD1://bit.ly/3lY1Kru


Technical Parameters And Features

General specifications

&76-107.95MHz (Receive only )
Operating Temperature-30℃~+60℃
Operating Voltage7.4V DC
Dimension150 x 64x 40mm
Weight360g (with battery)
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Capacity3200mAh
Antenna Impedance50Ω


Transmit currentAnalog≤1.6A Digital≤0.9A
Frequency Stability±1.0ppm
FM modulation mode12.5KHz 11K0F3E
25KHz 16K0F3E
4FSK digital mode12.5KHz(data only):7K60FXD
12.5KHz(data and voice):7K60FXW
Modulation distortion<5%
Adjacent channel power60dBm 12.5KHz
65dBm 25KHz
Audio Response+1~-3dB
Digital ProtocolETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3


Analog Sensibility0.35uV/-116dBm(20dB SINDA)
Digital Sensibility0.30uV/-117dBm(BER 5%)
0.70uV/-110dBm(BER 1%)
Adjacent Channel SelectivityTIA603C:65dB ETSI:60dB
Spurious ResponseTIA603C:75dB ETSI:70dB
Audio Response+1~-3dB
Rated Audio Distortion≤3%(Type)
Audio Power≥500mW

Multifunctional Ham Amateur Radio Retevis Ailunce HD1

  • Compatible with Motorola DMR Radio
  • Compatible with MOTOTRBO series Tier I & II
  • Dual Band DMR Radio
  • Analog and Digital Combined
  • Digital Protocol ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3
  • Time-Division Multiple-Access(TDMA)
  • VHF & UHF: 136-174 & 400-480MHz
  • 200 000 Contacts + 1000 Priority Contacts
  • FM Radio: 76-107.95MHz
  • Up to 3000 channels
  • Dual Time Slot for Repeater
  • Dual Time Slot for Point to Point
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • IP67 Waterproof Dustproof
  • High/Medium/Low Power:10/5/1w
  • Scan:Time/Search/Carrier
  • Encryption Function
  • Lone Worker
  • Single/Group/All call
  • Remote kill/stun/activate
  • Color LCD Display
  • Transmit/Transceive interruption
  • Promiscuous Function
  • Analog Monitor
  • VOX
  • TOT
  • Talkaround
  • Squelch
  • Keypad Lock
  • LED Indicator
  • Password Lock
  • Battery Save
  • Voice Annunciation
  • 1000/1450/1750/2100Hz Single tone
  • 32 Radio ID & ID Setting
  • DTMF
  • GPS(optional feature)
  • APRS(optional feature)
  • Adjust microphone Gain

Package Include

1 x Ailunce HD1 DMR Radio
1 x Battery
1 x Antenna
1 x Adapter
1 x Charger
1 x User’s manual
1 x Belt clip
1 x Sling
1 x Programming cable
1 x Battery Eliminator (optional)
1 x Car Charger Cable (optional)
1 x VHF/UHF SMA-F long Antenna (optional)
1 X IP55 Waterproof Speaker Microphone (optional)
1 X Earpiece Headset (optional)


1.Q: How to turn on FM radio ?
A:You can make it like this:
1. Press [MENU] to menu mode.
2. Press [UP or DOWN] to radio,press[MENU]to enter.
3. Press [UP or DOWN] to select radio frequency or channel, or input the frequency or channel directly with keyboard.
4. Press [*SCAN] to scan, press[or]to select up or down scan.
5. Press [#LOCK] to open radio monitor, LCD screen shows DW, press [#LOCK] twice time to close radio monitor.
6. Press [MENU] to close.
2.Q:How can I adjust the Tx mic level ?
A:For HD1, the mic gain setting only for analog.
3.Q:How can I Make HD1 Show Zone Name?
A:First, Make sure your radio firmware version is the latest .
Second:Menu -> Main Set -> Zone Name -> ON
4.Q:How can I make HD1 show Channel name?
A:HD1 support three display methods. channel, frequency, name. Users can select on the radio keypad.
Menu >> CH-Mode
Frequency will show the frequency and channel number.
Name will show the name and channel number.
Channel will show the channel number.
5.Q:Does Ailunce HD1 Support DTMF?
If your radio firmware is before V1.54, you need to upgrade the Newest firmware to achieve the DTMF. Only the V1.54 and the above V1.54 support DTMF function.
0~9 -> DTMF dial number 0~9.
Menu -> A
Up -> B
Down -> C
Exit -> D
* -> E
# -> F
Press PTT and then dial your DTMF number.
6.Q;How to upgrade HD1 firmware?
A: ①.Connect your HD1 with PC use programming cable
②. Press PTT and the first side key, turn on HD1 at the same time, enter the DFU mode.
③.Open the firmware software, Click button”Connect”.
④. Click”Get Version” to get the current radio firmware version. (When you click it and get error message, we can skip this step. It is only for check your current firmware, no effect on upgrade.)
⑤.Then click “Update”, it is going to begin updating the firmware to your HD1.
⑥. The firmware update successfully after several seconds.
⑦.Once all the steps are complete, power the radio off and then back on again. Now your HD1 should be good to go!
⑧.Sometimes the new firmware improves lots of functions or adds some new functions. After upgrading the firmware, you may need to initialize your HD1 to make sure all the data is compatible. Press the MENU and EXIT, turn on the radio at the same time, then select ALL to start to initialize.
7.Q:My HD1 Shows “Nodata,Please Initialize The Radio”?
A:Please check your radio setting, there may be a frequency out of the radio frequency range. Or you set the default is channel mode, but you have not set any channel.
8.Q:Why does GPS have to be positioned outside?
A:The satellite signal is not received indoors, and the obstacle signal does not receive the star signal.
9.Q:Several satellites receive GPS to locate the location.

A:At least 4 or so

10.Q:What is the accuracy of HD1 GPS?

A:The accuracy is about 10 meters.


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