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Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator 30mW Metal Fiber Optic Visual


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30mW VFL Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator 30mW Metal Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder 30Km Break checker Red pen

Light source wavelength: 650 + 10NM
Applicable fiber: SM, MM
Single mode output power: 10 mW
Power supply: 5 Section 2 battery
Continuous working time: more than 20h power supply
Working temperature: 10-60 degrees (no dew)
Storage temperature: -40-85
Shell material: aluminum alloy
Appearance size: 24*170mm (not including interface)
Weight: 160g (excluding battery)

using method:

1, the pen tail from the pen body, will be ready for the two sections of the 5 battery into the pen tail, the battery positive end to the end of the pen (note!) A pen seat, negative alignment;
2, the pen tail and a pen body connection installed, open the dust cap, according to the control switch time, observing optical interface and a red light out, also indicating luminous tube lighting; (pay attention to the eyes do not directly in front of the light interface, so as not to damage the eyes);
3, then according to the control switch once, observe the light into the pulse type, indicating the light emitting tube and the synchronized pulse; (pulse frequency in 0.5-2HZ)
4, and then press the switch, the light source is closed, no light output, while the light emitting tube is extinguished; (switch mode is: continuous – pulse – off – continuous cycle mode)
5, the detection time will be measured optical fiber into the interface, at the same time by the control switch, select the output light source mode (continuous or pulse);
6, the use of the dust cap, long time no use, please remove the battery, so as to avoid battery decay, damage light source.
maintenance and attention:
1, laser harmful, in particular, to protect the eyes, laser work, to avoid laser direct eyes;
2, the general situation, the higher the temperature, the shorter the life of the laser, use the time to avoid high temperature work environment;
3, the laser working time and fiber head processing;
4, do not use the light source, please cover the dust cap to avoid falling into the dust;
5, do not use should be removed when the battery;


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