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How to avoid hearing damage when you use headphones

How to avoid hearing damage when you use headphones

The greatest benefit provided by headphones and earphones is that they allow their owners to hear even the tiniest details of each track. Besides, it would be also quite impolite to listen to music without them in public places. However, some worry that regular use of headphones might bring about particular problems with hearing. Indeed, it can become a threat to your health if you use your device unsafely. If you are not ready to stop using headphones but do not want to get hearing damage, this blog is for you. Here, you will find some simple tips that you can consider to prevent hearing loss and damage.

  • First, you should limit the volume of the music. It has been proven by research that any sound louder than 85 decibels can result in a permanent hearing loss. To prevent such a deplorable consequence, you should keep your music volume at no higher than 60 percent of the maximum that your player allows. If speaking to someone while wearing headphones, you have to raise your voice, you should turn down the volume.
  • The time of exposure is important. The longer you listen to music, the greater injury it can make. The highest volume of music is safe only if you listen to it no longer than an hour per day. Lower volumes make it possible to expose your ears to music for longer periods. Your ears also need a break every two hours or even more often.
  • Do not buy poor-quality devices. Although some people believe that wasting big money on headphones is unreasonable, this misconception may produce a profound negative impact on hearing. If your headphones are not good enough, your ears will also suffer from environmental noises. Moreover, low-quality ear-buds typically sit closer to your eardrums and diminish the quality of the sound.

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